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Commercial Pool Management Services

Experience the Olympic Pool Management Difference

Olympic Pool Management has been providing quality lifeguard and pool management services since 1995. We pride ourselves in maintaining positive relationships and ongoing communication with our clients as evidenced by our low turnover of neighborhood and country club clients throughout the years.

We offer two types of pool management services. We have clients who require lifeguard services and others who prefer daily pool maintenance only. Whichever service you select, our level of commitment and attention to detail remains the same.

Our services are considered turn-key. They include spring start-up, pool preparation each morning, daily chemical readings/adjustments, the actual chemicals, cleaning and paper supplies, restroom cleaning, pool cleaning and pool winterization. We also provide the certified lifeguards as well as check-in personnel if requested.

From the moment we secure a contract, we work as a team in promoting positive communication so that we have a clear understanding of any special needs you may have at your pool location. Additionally, we will keep you abreast of challenges we may need to address in the near future. We firmly believe that through proactive maintenance, we can avoid costly reactive situations down the road.

Each year, you will receive an itemized and prioritized list of maintenance issues as well as suggested enhancements for your pool. We do this for one reason and one reason only. We want your spring start-up to be smooth; without any surprises or disappointed members/homeowners.

Additionally, as an incentive for signing on by November 1st of each year, we provide free winter service (labor only) to all our clients who continue to use us year after year. Winter service involves visiting each pool location monthly throughout the off season to check on the pool, and its environment; checking for any potential problems, vandalism as well as adjusting water level if necessary, and water chemistry so that the pool water stays chemically in balance. Out of balance water can cause severe long term damage to your pool surface.

During the summer months, we work seven days a week and are easily available and responsive by mobile phone any time of day or night. We have a number of advanced certified pool professionals onboard that include American Red Cross certified Lifeguard Instructor Trainers, certified CPR/First-Aid Instructors, scuba divers, and certified pool operators. We host our own lifeguard training classes several times throughout the summer to ensure adequate staffing for all our pool locations.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how our company can be of service to you.